Sundazzlers offers the most luxurious indoor tanning experience in Edwardsville.

Not only do we provide our clients with 25+yrs experience and unmatched customer service, we also supply them with the best tanning equipment in the world, Ergoline sunbeds. We're the only salon in the area to offer the NEW Prestige 1400- Ergoline's flagship sunbed!


  • Extreme Dynamic and Ultra Performance UV Technologies

  • Temptronic Plus Air Conditioning

  • Refreshing Aqua Mist and Aroma Therapy

  • 3D Sound System With Ipod Dock Station

The Ergoline Prestige 1400 offers an extreme tanning experience. 52 Dynamic Power, 200watt UV lamps for a deep body tan, the advanced facial tanner system leaves nothing to be desired, while 2 high-pressure shoulder tanners seal the Extreme Power Package. 

Thanks to acrylic panels at the head and foot ends of the sunbed, individual temperature levels are achieved quickly and maintained throughout the session. Aqua mist and aromatherapy provide a refreshing experience, while the innovative cockpit control-with its clear symbols,user friendly Voice Guide and full text display-grant total ease of use.


  • 42 Turbo Power UV Lamps With 4 High Power Facial Tanners

  • 2 Meter UV Lamps In The Base

  • Air Conditioning And Extra - Wide Base Acrylic

  • Stereo Sound With MP3 Connection

The Inspiration 450 has set the standard in this class with its level of premium features, exciting styling, light design, generous comfort and, above all, UV performance. Ensuring a perfect all-around tan, this sunbed has 42 Turbo Power 180 and 160-watt UV lamps along with 4 Facial tanners at 400 watts each. 

A wide,ergonomically-shaped acrylic and air conditioning offer a cool and relaxing tanning session. Clients can enjoy music with the stereo sound system complete with MP3 connection.


  • Superior Tanning Performance

  • Luxurious Comfort Features

  • Glass Reflector Facial Tanners

Ergoline Passion 40/3 sunbeds are the top models this new series. The strength is evident in the 40 UV lamps and 500 watt facial tanners.

The base acrylic air conditioning and comfort cooling provide relaxation and makes it as comfortable as a larger model.Everything about this sunbed will make you want to return time after time.


  • 32 Super Power tanning lamps

  • Luxurious Comfort Features

Hot and tingling, just like butterflies in your stomach: the XS-35 Kiss in the trendy Kiss design will entice you to pucker-up with 3, 400-watt PSR facials as you tan in a bed of 32 tempting Super Power lamps. Its performance is strong enough to make anyone  feel like royalty! 

The crescent tanning shell gently embraces your body with optimized UV geometry, making sure that every spot on your body receives an even tan.


  • Luxurious Comfort Features

  • The perfect base bed to keep you bronzed, year-round

The modern design of the sleek Sundash Performance Tanning Series is as clever as it is beautiful. Theperformance of the Sundash is everything you'd expect from the world leader in tanning technology - delivering a powerfully beautiful tan.

Unlimited Tanning from $18.88/month

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